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Policy and Planning for Economic and Ecological Sustainability


TwoEco is an interdisciplinary policy and planning consultancy firm dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future.


Our roots begin with tourism development planning. Our principals have been involved in the practice, planning and policy dimensions of tourism for a total of over three decades and have worked on master plans for both public and private sector projects, and on policy reform for the tourism industry. 


From those roots, we have built a team with backgrounds in law and policy, environment and sustainability, architecture and urban planning, tourism and business, and economics and community development, to create positive outcomes for investors, organizations, governments and communities.


From its roots in tourism development planning, TwoEco is growing to take on broader challenges in policy and planning for economic and ecological sustainability.  

TwoEco works for sustainability.


However, for us, sustainability has to be more than environmental compliance. It is about answering the question, "how are we supposed to live in the 21st century?"


It takes us into moving beyond urban planning into smart and sustainable urban design.


It requires us preparing our cities, natural environments, and cultural sites in a way that is more respectful and authentic, more responsive to a more curious and connected traveller, and to a more conscious and critical host community.

It takes us moving beyond simply marking our cultural sites, and properly conserving them for future generations to appreciate their significance.

It asks of us to make business decisions in a way that considers not only the profitability of an enterprise, but what good it does for the environment and a community.


It demands of us moving beyond environmental, cultural and social impact assessment into genuine sustainability strategies for enterprises and communities.

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