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Zamboanga "City of Colors"

The City of Zamboanga, with its unique blend of cultures at the crossroads of history, and its varied landscape, with protected islands and isolated beaches, highland farms and forests, presents tremendous potential for tourism development, and TwoEco is honored to have worked with the City and its stakeholders in drafting its five-year Comprehensive Tourism Development Plan.

Our vision for Zamboanga begins from the richness of experiences right in the center of the City, with its heritage structures from the Spanish and American colonial period, the unique blend of cuisine borrowing from its many cultural communities, and its outlying protected Santa Cruz island. We see a strategy that increases pedestrianization to link heritage sites and become more tourist friendly, strategic urban interventions to revitalize the downtown, and in turn fueling the growth of businesses in the City core.

Traveling eastward from the City core is Taluksangay Mosque, where we see a venue for intercultural and interfaith interaction. Heading further out, there are even more beaches in barangays Bolong, Sangali, and Vitali, and the outlying Onse Islas that require more detailed planning and regulation to ensure that their development remains environmentally and culturally sustainable over time.

Westward from the City core, among other tourist sites, the most strategic would be the Zamboanga Ecozone. The Ecozone presents an opportunity for the development of an integrated conventions and hotel complex, while being linked with various highland farms in the interior of the zone.

With the richness of its culture and history, its varied landscapes from the mountains to the sea, symbolized by the Vinta sail, Zamboanga can and should take pride in the the name, "City of Colors." We thank the City and its stakeholders for the opportunity to craft its Tourism Development Plan.


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