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The Conservation Management Plan for Intramuros

A strong and vibrant tourism industry is rooted in a country's people, its environment, and its culture. Because of this, we in TwoEco have, among our many advocacies, become increasingly involved in heritage conservation. Taking part, and leading, the Heritage Conservation Society, and actively engaging in its varied programs. Our president, Mark Evidente, also completed a program with the Getty Conservation Institute on the proper conservation of urban heritage sites.

Building on this, we are pleased to report that, in a collaboration with Digiscript, Inc., a firm with a unique niche in scanning solutions, and the architectural firm of Mico Manalo, a leading conservation practitioner, we will be working on the conservation management plan for Intramuros.

As the core of the City of Manila, Intramuros has witnessed centuries of recorded history, and millennia of human settlement. There are many stories to be told about Intramuros that Filipinos of today and tomorrow should learn, to have a better appreciation, not only of Intramuros, or Manila, or of history in general, but of our own identity as a people.

We look forward to documenting those stories, and finding ways of communicating that significance to the public.


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