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Going Beyond the 5As of Tourism

The 5A's of tourism has proven to be a very useful model in helping newcomers to the industry understand its complexity, and appreciate it beyond individual sites and see it as an ecosystem, The 5A's are:

  • attractions

  • activities

  • access

  • accommodations

  • and amenities.

However, while the 5A's are useful, they appear to be increasingly insufficient in addressing the need for authenticity and sustainability in the 21st century.

We in TwoEco are testing an approach that adds another 5A's (for a new total of 10A's) that help focus and plan the tourism product in a more wholistic and relevant way. We propose the additional five:

  • advertising and promotions

  • awareness of the experience

  • authenticity of the interaction

  • administration for sustainability

  • and advantages for the community.

We have some slides below to explain these concepts, and we invite colleagues to comment on the usefulness of this model.


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