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The Magnolia Palau Resort

TwoEco is pleased to announce that it has prepared an integrated business plan and stakeholder analysis for the Magnolia Resort on Malakal Island, Koror, Palau.

The Magnolia Palau Resort will be a five-star USD 60M resort development on the island of Malakal, in the Republic of Palau. It features extensive use of renewable energy and sustainability technologies, as well as offers a unique guest experience rooted in the culture and environment of Palau and its people.

To properly highlight the Resort’s features and philosophy, we have gone beyond a traditional business plan, and incorporated a thorough analysis of the market, the socio-cultural and environmental context of Palau, and the strategies needed to make the Resort a success.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Project Prospectus we prepared for the client:

A 165-room, five-star resort at the leading edge of sustainability, the Magnolia Resort at Malakal will provide the ultimate in luxury for its guests as they dive into the pristine paradise that is the Republic of Palau.

An archipelago of 340 islands in the Western Pacific, Palau lies southeast of the Philippines, and south of Japan. It has one of the richest and most preserved of the world’s marine ecosystems, and a proud people of a dynamic and profound culture. Palau thus provides the ideal setting for that perfect, remote, exotic, tropical getaway.

The Magnolia builds on the beauty of this archipelago and its people. Palauan culture will be infused into the design of the resort, as traditional crafts find their way into the décor and detailing of each and every room...

... One can expect the standard amenities found in resorts worthy of the name – a pool, coffee shop, restaurant, gym, spa, among many others – but beyond this, the Magnolia resort strives for, and stands out in its sustainability. Among other environmental initiatives, it will be largely powered by the sun, and its water supplied by its own desalination and treatment plant, thus reducing the resort’s impact on the environment.

The Magnolia expects to break ground for construction in mid-2016, and open its doors to guests by 2019.

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