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The Tourism Congress of the Philippines

The Tourism Congress of the Philippines held its biennial elections, and Aileen Clemente was reelected as Executive Vice-President of the Organization. Mark Evidente, on the other hand, was reappointed as counsel and policy adviser. Both our principals thus serve on the authoritative umbrella organization in the Philippine tourism industry.

The Tourism Congress was mandated by the Tourism Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 9593) to create a broad-based, cross-sectoral organization to represent the tourism industry, and work as a partner with the Department of Tourism in the making and implementing policies, plans and programs. It also nominates the private sector representatives to the governing boards of three attached agencies to the DOT, namely, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, the Tourism Promotions Board, and Duty Free Philippines Corporation.

The officers of the Tourism Congress include:

Rosanna T. Fores, President, from Hijo Resources

Aileen Clemente, Executive Vice President, from Rajah Travel

Robert John Horrigan, Vice-President for Luzon, from Misibis Bay Resort

Alice Queblatin, Vice-President for Visayas, from Southwind Travel and Tours

Eileen San Juan, Vice-President for Mindanao, from Southland Events

Marisa Nallana, Secretary, from Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks

Sandra Dy, Treasurer, from HAFTI Transport

Norman Eusebio, Assistant Treasurer, from Microtel

Orlando Ballesteros, Public Relations Officer, from Ex-link Management and Marketing

Cynthia Mamon, Trustee, from Enchanted Kingdom

Julie Marie Najar, Trustee, from Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Henry Oyao, Trustee, from Check Cars

Edgar Cases, Trustee, from Malapascua Auasports

Elpidio Paras, Trustee, from Dahilayan Forest Park

Marilou Ampuan, Trustee, from Bloomers Travel and Tours

Lourdes Bibit, Trsutee, from Sierra Yati Transport

Eduardo Pelaez, Trustee, from Mapawa Nature Park

*Photo from Tourism Congress, Inc.


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