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TTG Asia's Next Generation of Travel Leaders

TTG Asia, one of the leading publications on travel and tourism, has named "The Next Gen of Travel Leaders" with representatives from around the region - Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and of course, the Philippines.

Representing the Philippines is none other than one of our principals, Aileen Clemente. TTGAsia had this to say:

Aileen Clemente, president and chairman of Rajah Travel Corp, has brought the family-owned business into the high-tech age and transformed it from a travel agency into a travel management company.

“Rajah Travel is always evolving. We are always looking for ways to streamline operations and enhance processes. We have created new departments and shifted the organisational structure several times, always with a view to create a stronger team,” said Clemente, who just turned 40 in May.

“In recent years, we have also put extra focus on the digital and technology aspects of the business. We have upgraded our website to allow our clients to book online and harnessed the power of social media to communicate directly with our clients and partners.

“We are also reaping the benefits of technology, specifically cloud-based solutions. These have allowed us to move away from heavy capital expenditures and shift these to operating expenses,” Clemente enthused.

“We have improved our branding and created our own product lines. I am most fond of Funtastic Vacations, which we started for the Philippines. These are more theme-based itineraries and not just the usual city breaks that our competitors are selling,” she added.

Clemente’s work at Rajah Travel officially began 17 years ago, but unofficially she had been involved in the business since childhood. She said: “I have fond memories of helping out on tour runs and creating marketing collaterals when I was still a kid.”

Rajah Travel was founded 42 years ago in 1972 by Aileen’s parents, Joe and Alejandra Clemente. She said: “I continue along this path as I share their pride for the country and their vision of contributing to the economy through the multiplier effect that tourism generates.

“Also, this is more of a stewardship for me. I believe in the jobs we create and the families we help. Most of our current employees are the sons, daughters, relatives and neighbours of our previous employees,” said Clemente. “In all honesty, this is my family.”

*Image from TTGAsia


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