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Rappler: "Tourism Fallacies"

Aileen Clemente, one of our principals and President of Rajah Travel Corporation, was interviewed on the state of the Philippine tourism industry by Rappler for its November 14, 2012 posting. The full article is here. A few excerpts:

"Clemente said tourism is not only the accommodations and the activities that tourists enjoy in a particular place. She said tourism starts from the time a passenger boards a plane to a destination to the time the passenger boards a plane to go home.

This is why the little things matter. These small things include flight delays, numerous forms, long lines, and even the length of time one spends to reach the gate or lounge...

"Tourism is an experience and not just about the accomodations. Isa lang ang magkamali dun, sira na yung experience," Clemente said...

She said what the Philippines can do is to increase cultural and heritage experiences to attract more tourists. Clemente said tourism, as one of the experts in a recent IATA event said, is the first worldwide web which tourists can tap and experience to know more about a particular place in the world...The country's advantage is its people and their facility of the English language. Since Filipinos have a good grasp of English, the country becomes a far-less complicated and more friendly destination for tourists."

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